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FEBRUARY 13th - 14th
Sandune Regional 3D
3D Scores

March 5th - 6th
Sandune Regional 3D
3D Scores

APRIL 9th - 10th
Sandune State 900
900 Scores

Sandune Regional 3D
3D Scores

JUNE 11th
Crossway Charity Food Bank (Non-regional 3D)
Crossway Charity 3D Scores

ASA Qualifier Scores

ASA Qualifier Scores

Fall — TBA
Archery for Kids Day
Scores will be posted

Fall Members Shoot — TBA
Sandune 250
Scores may be posted

1 Any event cancelations due to unsafe conditions will be updated/anotated as canceled in the UPCOMING SAC EVENTS area of our Home page.


2015 Tournament Scores

2014 Tournament Scores