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Reports page for All Monthly Minutes and Annual Reports

Monthly business meetings are conducted on the second Tuesday of every month.
They are held at the Socastee Recreation Park (just inside the gate, in the first portable building on the left).
Board members conduct, review and vote on new and old business.
We need your feedback. All club members and guests are invited and encouraged to attend.

The annual Secretary Report is presented and a brief business meeting is conducted during our Christmas Party.
The party is held at a pre-selected date, time and location during the month of December of each year.
All active members and their guests are invited to join in.

to access Monthly Minutes

Mouse to Reports (top menu tab above), mouse to Monthly Minutes, mouse to the desired year Minutes.
Mouse to month, day and year of desired meeting minutes and click to view.
Click year Minutes and scroll up/down page to view desired monthly minute(s).

to access Annual Reports

NOTE: All reports open as PDF documents in a new tab in your browser. Mouse to the X on the new tab and click to close when done.

Mouse to Reports (top menu tab above), mouse to Annual Reports, mouse to desired year Report and click to view.