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December Minutes 12-04-2015

Meeting called to order by President Kelly Rogers at 6:15pm.
Approximately 25 members attended the Christmas party/meeting.
Kelly presents and reviews the club annual summary report. Report will be posted on the website for members.

  New Business:

  •   Nominations for officer’s positions of Vice President, Treasurer, Bowhunter Director, and Social Director are taken. No nominations are offered. Officers are asked if they will maintain their current positions. All are in agreement except for Corey who is not present for meeting. Vote is taken for each officer with unanimous approval for each position. The current officers for the 2016 – 2017 term are John Black, Vice President - Tim Smith, Treasurer- Corey Henderson, Bowhunter Director – John Burke, Social Director.
  •   Club welcomes new members the Conley family. Ron Conley is a magician and has offered to do a show for the party tonight.
  •   Two Girl Scout troops will be visiting Sandune on Saturday morning from 10 – 12 to learn about archery, shoot and earn their merit badges in Archery. Several members have offered to volunteer to help with this event.
  •   It’s time to renew annual memberships. If you are unsure or need any information contact Beth Anctil. You can renew online at or download a form and send it with a check to PO Box 30715 Myrtle Beach SC 29588 or deliver it to a club officer.

  Old Business:
  •   Crossway Church Fundraiser will be held again at the club. The previous two years raised a truckload of non perishable food and $2200 and $2900 respectively for 2014 and 2015. Sandune appreciates the opportunity to help this worthy cause.
  •   Club will be hosting 4 tournaments this year.
  •   Kelly asks everyone to keep member Janice Helms in their prayers for surgery she had this week. Prayer is offered and the party begins.

  Highlights of the party:
  •   Magician Ron Conley gave a 30 minute show. Club members had a great time. Thanks for the show!
  •   There was plenty of food and drink for everyone.
  •   The raffle was a huge success. Everyone who attended went home with something.
  •   Thank you to Tim Smith and South Strand Assembly of God for hosting our party again this year.

Respectfully Submitted,
Beth Anctil — Secretary
Sandune Archery Club

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November Minutes 11-10-2015

Meeting called to order by Pres. Kelly Rogers at 7:10pm.

Those in attendance; Kelly Rogers, John Black, Beth Anctil, Lefty Buttone, Tim Smith, and Howard Grosser. Club members welcome new member Howard.

  New Business:

  •   John Black reports he and John Mitchell would like to change the lock on the little blue building due to it not working right. John motions, Kelly seconds, all in favor for John to change the lock and distribute new keys.
  •   John also reports he got an email from Laura Chumley of the SCAA about changing the date of the Keowee Sectional shoot for the NFAA to May 28. Club members agree that is fine with them. Will know soon if the date has been switched.
  •   Sandune club’s first shoot in 2016 is Feb 13 & 14. John and Kelly would like to get the lanes cleared and switched around for the new year before this time. There is a new Sandune club lane layout being implemented to deal with the safety concerns caused by the disc golf course layout next to our club. Club members agree to have a clean up date on Saturday November 21 at 10am. Members will be encouraged to help. Members are asked to bring any chain saws or cutting equipment they feel is needed to get this type of work done. Rakes will be needed. Please wear bug spray. A lot of pine straw needs to be cleared to get rid of mosquitoes. Beth will send an email.
  •   Kelly or John will talk to Brent at County about getting some sand for the club to use for low spots and to level the practice field. Will ask about cleaning out the ditch.
  •   The Sandune club annual Christmas party is being held on Dec 4 at 6pm at South Strand Assembly of God in Murrells Inlet. Members are invited with guests to come and celebrate. Members bring a favorite side dish or dessert and if you would like, donate something for the raffle/gift table. Lefty has donated a bow and also club member Howard offered a bow to raffle. Gifts will be purchased for all children under the age of 13. Beth will email members and ask for RSVP for children’s ages so the gifts can be purchased.
  •   Lefty is moving to Florida. Club members wish him well and will miss him. Thank you Lefty for all you have done for Sandune archery club over the years. We will need a new range official to uphold the rules on the range and make sure visitors are members and have signed the waiver. If you are interested please let John or Kelly know.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm with our next meeting being held at the Christmas party.

Respectfully submitted,
Beth Anctil — Secretary
Sandune Archery Club

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October Minutes 10-13-2015

Meeting called to order by VP John Black at 7:10pm.

Tim Smith does invocation to open meeting. Those in attendance: John Black, Tim Smith(Treasurer), Johnny Mitchell(Webmaster), Janice Helms, and Beth Anctil(Secretary). There wasn't a quaram to declare the meeting official. Notes will be taken to document the meeting. There will be no voting.

  New Business:

  •   John Black gives members report on SCAA Annual meeting. A lot of new rules and changes in classes were passed, refer to SCAA website for the changes and dates of state shoots. Our club will be hosting shoots on Feb 13 & 14, a 900 and 3D. April 9 & 10 3D, and June 11 a nonregional and charity shoot and ASA qualifier.
  •   Tim Smith reports he sent the club charter information to the Yankton SD NFAA with $50 so our charter is up to date and current. The club has $1356.78 in account.
  •   No surveillance cameras have been purchased and all illegal activity has ceased since school went back into session.
  •   Members talked about replacing NASP targets with something that might be either easier to repair due to the high volume of shooting they get or something that is more durable.
  •   Kids day setup will be 15 animals. Have gift cards and two tickets donated for Wonderworks to raffle off. Each child that attends will get a raffle ticket with entry. Setup for AFKD at 7:30am.
  •   Locks have not been replaced on trailers. Kelly has some and John will get the locks and will have keys made.
  •   Sandune will be unable to attend Medieval Festival due to being unable to get something to haul equipment.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10pm with next meeting being held on November 10 at 7pm.

Beth Anctil — Secretary
Sandune Archery Club

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September Minutes 9-8-2015

Meeting called to order by Vice President John Black at 7:04pm and opened with a prayer. Members in attendance were John Black, Kelly Rogers, Tim Smith, John Burks, Chip McDole, Janice and Dick Helms, visitor Chris?, and John Mitchell.

Treasurer Tim Smith reports $1,877.30 as balance in club account.

  New Business:

  •   The Sandune 250 starts Saturday at 10am and lasts until... Be there at 9am to help setup. Mixed classes of teams of 5 maybe 4 if necessary will shoot together and will compete with the other teams. Can talk about the yardage then. John Burks will make BBQ and Tim will supply buns.
  •   AFKD is coming up on October 3. John Black and others will be there at 7/8 to setup safety nets and approximately fifteen 3D animals. John M will help Kelly on the line with 3D. Beth and John Black will help kids. Chip and Tim will work registration. Kelly and Tim will check with Bass Pro, Chick-Filet, and Sonic for $10, $20, or $30 gift card donations for raffle to kids. Kelly will price and buy either at Gander Mtn. or Genesis Outlet, a box (60 arrows ~$100) of youth arrows for the event. Kelly motioned, Chip second and yes to all in favor.
  •   John Black will pickup alike locks tomorrow to place on our three trailers.
  •   This Friday (9/11) around 11am will be a work party for target repairs. All help will be greately appreciated.
  Old business:

  •   Mythical & Medieval Fest participation is a go for Sat (12pm-4pm) 10/7/2015.  We need more help to setup and work on Sun (12pm-5pm) also.
  •   September 14th — Enterprise road closed/detour by SCDOT.
  •   Tim Smith has two trail cameras that we can borrow to setup at our range for testing.
  •   Kelly Rogers and John Black will attend the upcoming SCAA annual meeting. They will find out more details related to our club hosting an NFAA 3D sectional tournament from the SE NFAA director, Steve Coleman at the meeting.

Special thanks to Janice Helms for taking our business meeting minutes.

  John Mitchell — Webmaster
  Sandune Archery Club, Inc.

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August Minutes 8-11-2015

Meeting called to order by President Kelly Rogers at 7:08pm. Members in attendance John Black, Kelly Rogers, Corey Henderson, Chip McDole and his son Greg, Janice and Dick Helms, Johnny Mitchell and Beth Anctil. And the dog Kaylee.

Treasurer Tim Smith reports $2,118.56 as balance in club account.

   New Business

  •   Motion to buy Trail cameras for security. Motion carried. Animals were stolen on the practice range at a loss of $600. Has been reported to the police. Practice range will be moved to make accessibility to animals more difficult for thieves. An email will be sent explaining.
  •   Motion for SAC member Lefty to have a key to the building in order to help expedite membership forms and other materials that are in the building.
Motion carries.
  •   Dick Helms purchased arm guards and quivers for the kids program at Sandune. Donation was received and appreciated.
  •   Enterprise Road will be closing for about a year on Sept 19. Beth will send an email notifying members that they must use Bay Rd and travel around to get to Enterprise and then on to Butler. This will affect the Archery for Kids Day event in October, which is the last club event at our range for 2015.
  •   Medieval Festival – Sandune will participate (if they still want us to) on November 7 from 12 – 4.
Members were unsure if they would have enough help to do both days of the festival.
  •   Bow rack repairs will be held off until the club can map the new course they are thinking about outlaying because of the conflict with the disc golf course, safety issues. Members want to be sure any changes will be safe for all.
  •   Tim has price on new medal awards for kids at $1.49/medal.
  •   Beth will get reports completed for SCAA.
  •   Discussion about setting field targets to host field events. Types of targets (white tail and foam mat) are discussed. This would not be attempted until next year due to the cost and volume of work involved in adding this to our club. All agree that it would be a benefit.
  •   Steve Coleman, SE NFAA Director, has contacted club about hosting NFAA 3D sectional 60 target tournament. Will continue discussion at next meeting right before SCAA annual meeting.
  •   Motion to pay for travel and food for members traveling to SCAA annual meeting. Motion carries.
  •   Discussion about changes SCAA would like to make for senior classes, BH Nov issue with shooters who are not novice and adding an open class at 40 yds as a step up class to Open 50. No 14’s in 3D state tournament scoring, members were mixed on like and dislike. Janice recommends novices are bumped if more than two 300+ scores but can carry those scores with them into the next class if they are competing for state shooter of the year. SCAA is thinking about merging young adult girls to young adult open.
  Old Business:
  •   Sandune 250 being held on Sept 12 at 10am to 2pm with free food for members only and their guests. Annual event. A 15 target 3D with a Vegas round and 900 round will be set up to shoot. Members will need 5 good arrows to shoot the event.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm with agreement for next meeting to be held on June 9th at 7pm.

  Respectfully submitted,
  Beth Anctil, Secretary

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July Minutes 7-14-2015

Meeting called to order by John Black at 7:08pm. Officers and Members in attendance Kelley Rogers, President, John Black, Vice President, Haylee Black, Youth Director, Janice and Dick Helms, Johnny Mitchell, Webmaster and Communications, Tim Smith, Treasurer, and Beth Anctil, Secretary.

Treasurer Tim Smith reports $2,495.25 as balance in club account.

   New Business
  •   Generic SAC Business cards were voted on. 250 cards with Kelley motioning, Janice 2nd and all in favor. Will be used by members to promote the club and share information.
  •   Annual SCAA meeting is being held on Sept. 19. John Black and Kelley Rogers will attend. They are asking for members input to plan a schedule of shoots for Sandune next year. They will also bring club concerns about the current regional shoot schedule and suggest a new class. They are requesting members bring any suggestions for making archery better at the state level to the next club regular meeting in August.
  •   Cory Henderson is announced as new Bowhunter Director for Sandune Archery Club. Vote was unanimous for his nomination.
  •   Dan Grinolds has volunteered to fix all the club arrows. Beth will deliver arrows with fletching and glue for him to make repairs.
  •   Christmas Party will be held on Friday December 4 at 6pm at South Strand Assembly of God Church again located in Murrells Inlet.
  •   Archery for Kids Day will be held on October 3, 2015 from 10 – 2pm. Haylee will seek donations for raffle prizes and send out announcements for the event. Beth will ask for volunteers for the event. Haylee will continue as Youth Director until the end of her term.
  •   Sandune 250 will be held for club members and their guests as a free event to have a fun end of year activity for all Sandune Members. This will be held on Sept. 12 as a 3D Field Fun event. The event will start at 10am with lunch at 12 noon. Food, shooting games and fun. More will be announced after the next meeting.
  Old Business:
  •   Hip Quivers and Tabs. Email will ask for donations of these items for the kids at the club. If no response possible use of money from family memberships will be considered in the future.
  •   Net was purchased for $150 from Bobby Flores. Club now has ballistics net of their own.
  •   Club members are unsure if they can handle two days at the Medieval Fest being held November 7 & 8. Will send out an email asking for volunteers and if they get enough they will proceed. Will vote on it at August meeting. It was a great event last year and many people came out to the event.

Meeting adjourned at 8:22pm with agreement for next meeting to be held on August 11, 2015 at 7pm at the Socastee Park Building.

Respectfully submitted,
Beth Anctil, Secretary

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June Minutes 6-9-2015

      Meeting called to order by John Black at 7:04pm. John Mitchell opened with prayer. Other members in attendance were, Haylee Black, Janice Helms, and Corey Henderson.

   New Business
  •   Waccamaw Archery Indoor Range is closing June 18th. They have a new outdoor net that we can buy for $150. Retail is $300-$400. Not enough club officers present to fill quorum votes to purchase.
  •   Club member Corey Henderson has volunteered to fill our club officer position as Bowhunter Director. Not enough club officers present to fill quorum votes for election.
  •   Crossway Foodbank Shoot coming up Saturday 13th of June. No setup for Friday. Event will be from 8am to 3pm. Everyone is invited to join us for this wonderful cause. All funds that are raised go to support this church mission of feeding the hungry.
  •   Medieval Times festival at the Myrtle Beach Raceway is coming up in October. Need volunteer trucks to transport the 3D targets. Event details provided by Beth Anctil at a later meeting.
  •   Need an inventory and location of childrens quivers and tabs. Could not find any at a recent event.
  •   Topic continues on replacing 3D trail racks for bows. Lefty will provide more information at a later meeting.
  •   Interest has been expressed about a fund raiser by hosting a "War of the South Competition" between other clubs within the SCAA. Entry fees of $5-$10 per person, with each club having one or more groups of 5-6 archers consisting of different classes in each group. Event hosting would move from club to club and each hosting club would receive a percentage of the entry fees.
  •   Haylee Black will soon be leaving for college. She would like to remain as Youth Director for our club. The census of officers at the meeting was all yeas.
  •   Beth Anctil will report on the dollar amount in the "Bows for Children Fund" as soon as the amount is calculated.
  •   Beth overpaid the SCAA fees for the last 3D shoot by $8.00. OK to deduct this amount in the next event.
  •   John Black found a website called Archery clubs from different states can have their yearly events posted. John Mitchell will provide details for getting our club events posted for the upcoming year. He will also check Shawn's CD for advertising information and report back at our next meeting.
  Old Business:
  •   The club christmas party will be held on December 4, 2015 at 6pm, Friday night, at South Strand Assembly of God 3507 US 17 Business Murrells Inlet SC 29576. Same location as last year.
  Respectfully submitted by,
  Janice Helms, Stand-in Club Secretary

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May Minutes 5-12-2015

      Meeting called to order by John Black at 7:08pm. Other members in attendance were, Haylee Black, Janice and Dick Helms, John Mitchell and Beth Anctil.

New Business

      • Treasurer Tim Smith reports $2495.25 as the balance in our club account.

      • Beth will calculate memberships to determine $5 per family for kids archery program.

      • Austin Miller was the winner of the half dozen Easton arrows purchased with the Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card that the club received as a grant.

      • Christmas Party will be held on Friday December 4 at 6pm at South Strand Church again.

      • Oil change needs to be done on JD tractor. Generator should be good for a little while longer.

      • Dick got a price for PVC pipe to make 40 bow trees for 3D lanes. $297 with an additional 10% off. Club is waiting for Kelly to get a price to compare.

      • Janice will buy spray for lanes, John Black will text a picture of the spray container to her.

      • May 30 & 31 is club regular 30 target 3D event. Setup will be Friday at 4pm. Inventory of scorecards will be done by John Black.

      • Range cleanup day is set for 9am on Saturday May 23. Refacing targets and clearing lanes. Email reminder will be sent out to members.

      • The Mythical and Medieval festival wants to know if we will participate this year. The two days are Nov 7 & 8. Just a few hours each day. Remind me to bring this up next time we gather.

      • Meeting adjourned at 7:51pm with agreement for next meeting to be held on June 9th at 7pm.

Old Business

      • Archery for Kids Day event had a low attendance but the kids who did come out with their parents had a great time.

      • Bowhunter Director positon still open. We need a volunteer to fill this position to manage safety and readiness on the range for all of our events.

  Respectfully submitted,
  Beth Anctil

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April Minutes 4-14-2015
New Topics

      • Meeting came to order with Dick Helms opening in prayer. Other members in attendance were, Kelly Rogers, John Black, Tim Smith, Haylee Black, Janice Helms, Lefty, and John Mitchell.

      • Treasurer Tim Smith reports the current club funds are $1056.52. He will check this years registrations/renewals and give a future report for "Bows for Children fund".

      • Tim will check about reserving the church fellowship hall for this year's Christmas Party. Date, time, and location will be announced at a later date.

      • Social Director John Burks is preparing the BBQ Smoker and getting ready to deliver some fine food for all to enjoy at the State 900 Round event.

      • Bowhunter Director positon still open. We need a volunteer to fill this position to manage safety and readiness on the range for all of our events.

      • State 900 Round shoot coming up this weekend. As of Tuesday, thirty two people have pre-registered on-line. That's GREAT.
Range for (Sat. and Sun.) Session 1 practice will be open from daybreak till 8:30 AM. Shotgun (line shoot) starts at 9:00 AM.
Range for (Sat. and Sun.) Session 2 practice will be announced when Session 1 is clear and till 12:30 PM. Shotgun (line shoot) starts at 1:00 PM.

      • Our 4x4 bow and distance pin racks are in desperate need of replacement. Discussion to replace the pressure treated racks with PVC material will be checked out by Kelly.

      • Archery for Kids Day is May 2. Admission is $5.00 per child. Half of the admission fees will go into the Bows for Kids fund. Haylee looking into giving a ticket to each child and having a raffle drawing of some sort.

Old Topic Updates

      • Kelly reports that the Sandune Archery Club / Bass Pro Shop - 3D in the parking lot event will not happen this year.

Respectfully submitted,
Janice Helms, Stand-in Secretary

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March Minutes 3-3-2015

New Business

      • Feb 21 & 22 shoot was a great success. Everyone reported people having fun. Lots of new members and shooters coming out to enjoy the course. Members reported having to assist many new people and educating them in how to shoot a 3D. Because of the extreme weather setup it was decided to do it with two targets on each lane for 15 lanes and it made setup, take down and shooting easier for the new people and for the working member volunteers. (Less lost arrows = more fun). We all agreed we enjoyed meeting everyone and helping them get into the sport of archery.

      • Kelly has been in contact with Bass Pro about Sandune supporting them in holding a 3D tournament at the store. Some of the funds raised will be donated to Sandune for their help in having the event. Kelly will get all the information and report back to the club.

      • Logo has been sent over to Socastee Elementary school for the sponsorship on their Tshirts. They are very thankful to Sandune for their support.

      • Seaside Elementary school Safety event had to be cancelled for participation due to not having a way to get equipment there, several members being unable to assist. Beth will send a letter of cancellation to the coordinator.

      • Sandune will not be attending Heritage Bridge Festival this year. Members doubt there will be enough help to participate in this all day event that begins at 7am for setup and continues until 6pm at breakdown. Beth will send letter making sure they know we will not be there this year.

      • May 2 will be Archery for Kids Day 2015. The event will be held from 10 – 2 at Socastee Park. Haylee Black the new Youth Director will coordinate this event. Welcome Haylee!

      • Meeting adjourned at 7:40pm with agreement for next meeting to be held on April 14 at 7pm.

Old Business

      • Sandune member John Woodlock will hold a USA Archery Level 1 instructor’s course at Socastee Park on March 14 from 9am ─ 4pm. A string making demonstration will be held at the end of the day. There is still time to sign up for this event and everyone is welcome! $80 fee for book and instruction.

      • The next club shoot is the Sandune (State) 900 and (Regional) 3D shoot being held on April 18 & 19 from 9am – 3pm. All shooters are welcome.
Click to Pre-register for the State 900 event ONLY. Scorecards must be turned in by 4:30.

Respectfully submitted,
Beth Anctil, Secretary

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February Minutes 2-10-2015

New Business

      • February 21st & 22nd shoot setup and help needed.

      • Treasurer Tim reports that our club has a balance of $1,789.00.

      • Sandune member John Woodlock will hold a USA Archery Level 1 instructor’s course at Socastee Park on March 14 from 9am ─ 4pm. A string making demonstration will be held at the end of the day if time permits. Horry County Parks has donated use of the meeting building for this event and waived the $50 fee they usually charge for the use of their building. Thirteen people have signed up and submitted their money for this event. Monies to John Woodlock by 2/12/15 for ordering training books. Janice has two training books available for John to use if someone doesn’t get theirs‘ ordered in time.

      • John Burks will purchase plastic storage bins for nonperishable food items, etc… to be kept in the back lot trailer.

      • Unanimous vote to donate $100 for Socastee School team t-shirts (8 boys & 12 girls). In return our Sandune Logo will be displayed at the “Gold” level during archery events.

      • Unanimous vote to assist on March 10th at Seaside Elementary school from 5pm ─ 7pm and to reschedule our next business meeting to March 3rd because of the date conflict.

      • Lefty ─ Reports on issues at the club at the practice range. Behavior with some people not understanding proper shooting etiquette.
      Topics on some of the range rules for consideration were:
            ◊  Allow 5 minutes to locate lost arrows.
            ◊  Limit groups to 6 shooters.
            ◊  NO arrows mounted UNLESS shooting.
            ◊  If you find any lost arrows, bring them in and do not shoot them.
            ◊  Turn in all found equipment.
            ◊  NO running on the range.
      Discussions lead to tabling topic till next business meeting where we can evaluate the locations and wording for our range signs related to safety and etiquette.

      • Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm with agreement for next meeting to be held on March 3 at 7pm.

Old Business

      • January shoot had 98 shooters. SE Sectional had 37 participants. Forms have been submitted to state by Beth and John Black.

      • NASP event on Feb 6 & 7 had many Sandune members participating by volunteering to help with the shoot lines, arrow repair and other jobs. Event went very smooth and Sandune was publicly thanked at the awards ceremony for all they did.

      • Storage bins ─ Janice

Special thanks to Janice Helms for taking minutes and to Beth Anctil for providing a listing of meeting topics.
Respectfully submitted,
John Mitchell, Webmaster

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January Minutes 1-13-15
New Business

      • Meeting opened by Kelly Rogers at 7:06pm. Those in attendance were, Malloy Craig Family, Beth Anctil, John Black, Kelly Rogers, Dick and Janice Helms, Pete Janos , Lefty Bottone, Stan Pulver, John Mitchell, John Woodluck. Dick Helms says opening prayer.

      • Kelly thanks all members for their help in setting up and running and taking down of Sandune’s Lower regional 3D event on the weekend of January 9 and 10th. Sandune got a great turnout and response to the course. The weekend went smoothly and without any major problems. Had a record number of shooters.

      • Motion was made for Sandune Archery Club to support the NASP event being held on Feb 6 & 7. Beth motions, Janice seconds. Motion carries. Beth will send out an email to all members to seek volunteers for both days.

      • John and Kelley ask who is planning on attending Vegas round at Keowee on the weekend of January 31 - Feb 1. Must pre-register for two rounds at specific times. They are planning on getting a hotel nearby to stay at. If interested in this event and hotel info contact John Black or Kelly Rogers.

      • John Black would like to see a new system for score keeping put together. The amount of shooters at the weekend’s event made for a lot of work in compiling registrations, scores and in trying to figure out incomplete scorecards. Many score cards were not turned in. Discussion is about whether they meant to take their cards without turning them in or does Sandune need to have a different way to gather the scores at the end of the events.

      • Treasurer Tim Smith was unable to attend meeting but sent the amounts profited from the weekend shoot. $1542 was netted from memberships and shoot fees. $242 in concessions. Janice comments about John Burks the Social Dir. doing a great job and that she would like to continue helping him if needed but she can also help with registration if needed on Sundays since it seems to be a bit slower for concessions on that day.

      • The Lower State Regional form will be submitted by Tim Smith. There were 37 lower state shooters that shot at Sandune.

      • Steve Coleman, State SCAA Director sent an email asking if clubs want to pay $10 for an advertisement in a senior magazine. John Black motions club pay $10 for advertisement. Lefty seconds. All in favor. Motion carries.

      • Sandune Member John Woodlock (USA Certified Level Two Coach) has offered to do a USA Archery Level One certified instructor course to be held on one day (8 hours). Janice would like to see Sandune support any members who would like to take the course by paying half of the $80 fee. ($40). Motion is made by Janice to have Sandune pay half the fee, Kelly seconds, all in favor, motion carries.
Sandune has paid this amount in the past to encourage members to learn proper safety, conduct and instruction of youth. Beth, Lefty, Malloy, Stan, John M, Kelly and John B are interested in taking the eight hour class. Janice offers to hold it in her home if the class is less than 10 people. Beth will continue to take names of people interested. Jan 27 will be the deadline for letting her know if people want to attend. Beth will call Horry County Parks to see about using the building for March 14.

      • Janice motions the club purchase plastic storage bins to organize the trailer and protect the supplies stored in there from mold and water damage. The trailer has caused some damage to items in the past. Kelly seconds, all in favor. Motion carries.

      • John Mitchell did a grant for Bass Pro and the club was awarded a $20 gift certificate. Club members decide to use it to purchase arrows that will be awarded at next kids shoot.

      • Discussion follows. Club members exchange ideas and information. Meeting adjourned at 8:25pm with agreement for next meeting to be held on February 10 at 7pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Beth Anctil, Secretary

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