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  Bowhunter Director - David Foxworth - 11/05/2014  

    Hello all,

    I am sorry to say I need to step down as bow hunter director.

    My work is causing me to be away from home more and more, including weekends, and this is causing friction in the family with me not being there to take of household duties or family activities. My wife is having health issues as well.

    I would love to continue to be a member and get to shoot some 3D if possible, but I know I will not be able to continue making weekend commitments. Anytime I do break free I will help as I can.

    I have not shot my bow or my gun in months because of commitments, which are my only outlets for just myself. I hope things get less demanding at my work, but they only seem to be getting worse.

    Please send a note out requesting a new volunteer for my spot, and let them know this is only because of work and family demands and nothing to do with the club. You all are a great team and do way more than any member realizes. I consider Sandune the best archery club in the state.

    I wish everyone well and may God bless you and your families.

    I hope to be able to come to meetings and try to stay in touch to support and help you when I can.

    David Foxworth

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  Secretary - Shawn Dixon - 11/01/2014  

    I just found out I need a new job at the start of next year. To focus all attention and time on getting the house ready to sell and/or to find work that pays the bills I’m prepping for other Board members to be able to easily do the stuff I. I’ve got to step down from the club.

    To that end I created PDF’s of all the print jobs I do for the club and uploaded them to the web site. I created a new BOD.html page and added a link in the join.html page to get to the forms. I verified the UPS Store will just go to the site to get the PDF files to do the print jobs so the responsible BOD member can just visit the store and point them to the files on the web site.

  Secretary, Sandune Archery Club, Inc.
  Phone: (843) 450-3409
  Web Site:

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  Secretary - Shawn Dixon - 10/27/2014  

    Sandune Archery Club members,

    We have a quick Annual meeting leading into the club Christmas party coming up 6:00 PM, December 5th, 2014 at the South Strand Assembly of God, 3507 U.S. 17 Business Murrells Inlet, SC 29576. At that short meeting we’ll vote for new board members up for election.

    It’s time for nominations for President, Secretary, and Youth Director. Per the Bylaws of Sandune Archery Club this year the following board positions are up for election (even years): President, Secretary, Youth Director. If you are willing to take on a Board Member position let us know and I guarantee you will be nominated.

    If any member is willing to take on a club board member role or if you would like to nominate a member for a role please respond to this email with your nominations. For each member of the Board of Directors our club pays for each Board members Sandune Archery Club membership fees, ASA membership (needed to meet mandated ASA members requirement to obtain club insurance), and NFAA/SCAA membership (required per SCAA Bylaws for all club board members).

    We’d like to thank all of our board members for the work they’ve done. We encourage all local club members to be involved in keeping the club moving forward each year by taking on a role for a term. We fully understand that we have several out-of-town members who can’t fulfill the roles.

    Only members 18 or older can serve on the Board of Directors.

    The following are the responsibilities of the positions up for nominations:

The President shall oversee and perform duties (if necessary) of any Board member and all aspects of the running of Sandune Archery Club, Inc.
a. They shall preside at all membership meetings.
b. They shall by virtue of his office be Chairman of the Board of Directors.
c. They shall present at each annual meeting an annual report of the work of the organization.
d. They shall appoint all committees, temporary or permanent with the approval of the Board of Directors.
e. They shall see all books, reports and certificates required by law and Sandune Archery Club, Inc. are properly kept or filed.
f. They shall be one of the officers who may sign the checks or drafts of the organization.
g. They shall provide current information to the webmaster and ensure that the website is maintained.
h. They shall maintain a current membership list.
i. They shall provide new and renewal memberships with notification, (7-10 days), that their membership is valid and an information packet are provided.
j. They shall ensure a newsletter is distributed to the membership at least quarterly.

The Secretary shall keep all records of Sandune Archery Club, Inc.
a. They shall provide notice to members of all meetings.
b. They shall handle official Sandune Archery Club, Inc. correspondence.
c. They shall keep and present the minutes at each meeting.
d. They shall present a written report at the annual meeting.
e. In general perform the duties incidental to this office.

The Youth Director shall conduct activities directed towards the youth of the Sandune Archery Club, Inc. and Community. Activities shall be approved by the Board of Directors.
a. They shall plan and coordinate all youth events of Sandune Archery Club, Inc.

If you happen to get nominated you are not obligated to take the role but we will ask you to consider it. Free membership with it…

P.S. If you are coming to the party please send an email to to let us know what dish you are bringing. The menu is being coordinated through our web site:


Shawn Dixon
Secretary, Sandune Archery Club, Inc.
Phone: (843) 450-3409
Web Site:

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