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Sandunes of Time  —  Reminds me so much of our officers.
Overcoming the forces of nature by a strong group of people, to provide leadership, support, and stability to continue growth for fifty + years as Sandune Archery Club. Thank you, to all who have, and to all that will, volunteer and serve our club & community, for generations to come.

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Chronological History of Officer Information

Bowhunter DirectorCorey Henderson07/14/2015 Corey receives unanimous board vote as the Bowhunter Director.
Social DirectorJohn Burks11/11/2014 Thank you to John Burks for taking on the position of Social Director.
Youth DirectorHaylee Black02/20/2015 Kelly appoints Haylee Black as new Youth Director starting effective Feb. 20, 2015.
SecretaryBeth Anctil11/11/2014 Beth Anctil has accepted the position of Secretary.
Youth DirectorBeth Anctil02/11/201411/11/2014 Beth Anctil has stepped down as Youth Director because no officer can hold more than one position.
SecretaryShawn Dixon01/14/201411/11/2014 Shawn Dixon has has stepped down from the position of Secretary. Club members applauded Shawn and wished him well but will miss him and appreciate all the hard work he put into the club as a member.
Bowhunter DirectorDavid Foxworth01/14/201411/11/2014 Resignation for this position from David Foxworth was accepted with deep regrets. Club members expressed gratitude for all he did at our club shoots. He worked hard and did all our registrations. He will be missed.
TreasurerTim Smith06/10/2014 Tim Smith has officially taken over for Janice Helms as our Treasurer.
Web MasterJohn Mitchell06/10/2014 John Mitchell has officially taken over our Web Master Role.
Social DirectorPhil Griggs?05/13/2014 We need a new Social Director. Phil Griggs has resigned.
Youth DirectorBeth Anctil02/11/201411/11/2014 We’d like to thank Beth Anctil for taking on our Youth Director position. Thanks Beth!
PresidentKelly Rogers01/14/2014 Thanks to Kelly Rogers who is filling our President’s position.
Vice PresidentJohn Black01/14/2014 Thanks to John Black who is filling our Vice President’s position.
SecretaryShawn Dixon01/14/201411/11/2014 Thanks to Shawn Dixon who is filling our Secretary’s position.
Bowhunter DirectorDavid Foxworth01/14/201411/11/2014 Thanks to David Foxworth who is filling our Bowhunter Director’s position.

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